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Applied Conservation Biology, Animal Welfare, Animal Behavior, Wolf Conservation, Damage Prevention, Livestock Guarding Dogs
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Grupo Lobo
To work for wolf conservation and its ecosystem in Portugal, namely through the establishment of adequate legal, ecological and socio-economical conditions, and by fostering the interest in the wolf and in the sciences devoted to its study and conservation, raising awareness and informing the public.
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Working in wolf conservation projects, particularly in the implementation of damage prevention measures within the LGD Program developed by Grupo Lobo since 1996, that aims to promote the use of Portuguese breeds of Livestock Guarding Dogs (LGDs) as an efficient tool to protect livestock, mitigate conflicts with breeders and increase tolerance towards the endangered Iberian Wolf.

Within the LGD Program, implemented by Grupo Lobo since 1996, more than 600 pups have been donated, supported and monitored, with the help of national and international public and private funding; assessment of the dogs' efficiency has been done using several criteria (dog behavior/performance, damage analysis, owner satisfaction); numerous promotion activities have been done (talks, publications, media, meetings) and the main results have been disseminated to the public (general, stakeholders, children) and the scientific community at the national and international levels. Participated in the development of the Portuguese Wolf Management Plan. Since 2014 collaborates in the re-edition of the CDPNews (Carnivore Damage Prevention News, available at.: ) and more recently in the development of the ENCOSH Platform.. Was involved in several national and European projects (e.g. LIFE COEX, LIFE MEDWOLF). focused on wolf and large carnivores conservation.

Editorial team of the CDPNews (Carnivore Damage Prevention News), Monitoring Committee of the Portuguese Wolf Management Plan, Consultant to the EU Platform on coexistence between people and large carnivores.

Wolf Conservation Biology, Dog Behavior

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