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Coexistence of people with large carnivores. Damage prevention in combination with compulsory and universal insurance of farmers.
Section professionnelle
CALLISTO NGO has long experience in the study, conservation and management of large carnivores in Greece, South Europe and the Balkans. The NGO supports also the establishment and operation of Protected Areas and Ecological Networks, in order to preserve biodiversity, and the natural and cultural heritage, in general.
Section Interactions Homme - Faune sauvage

- 1993 - Today: Participation in more than 60 scientific and research missions in Greece, the Balkans, Europe and N. America concerning large carnivores’ conservation.
- June 2017 – today: Member of the National Committee for Protected Areas in Greece “FYSI 2000”, representing the Greek Environmental NGOs.
- August 2015 – June 2017: Member of the Board of the “Green Fund” (governed by public law), representing the Greek Environmental NGOs operating at nation-wide scale.
- June 2003 onwards: Member and Secretary of the Management Board of the Management Authority of the Rhodope Mountain Range National Park, representing the Greek Environmental NGOs.

Coordination, Team Work

- January 1994 – today: Participation in development, coordination and implementation of twelve (12) LIFE Nature projects dealing mainly with improvement of conditions for coexistence of Humans with Large Carnivores: LIFE93 NAT/GR/010800 (Coordinator), LIFE96 NAT/GR/003222 (Project Manager), LIFE97 NAT/GR/4249 (Coordinator), LIFE99 NAT/GR/6498 (Coordinator), LIFE03 NAT/GR/000089 (Project Manager), LIFE07 NAT/IT/502 (National Coordinator), LIFE07 NAT/GR /291 (Assistant Coordinator), LIFE09 NAT/GR/333 (Project Manager), LIFE12 NAT/GR/784 (Project Manager), LIFE15 NAT/GR/1108 (Conservation Expert, member of the project’s Management Team), LIFE17 NAT/IT/464 (Assistant Coordinator), and LIFE18 NAT/GR/768 (Project Manager).
- November 2014 - today: Consultative services to the EU Platform on coexistence between people and large carnivores subcontracted by adelphi consult GmbH and CALLISTO NGO.

Co-founder, Member, Director of CALLISTO Wildlife and Nature Conservation Society (Greek Environmental NGO)

I was the editor of the book: “Protected Areas in the Southern Balkans: Legislation, Large Carnivores, Trans-border Areas” (ISBN: 960-7742-28-1), which was funded by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Council of Europe. It was a collective work elaborated in the framework of the project “ECO-NET - Creation of a network for the legal protection and management of protected areas in the Southern Balkans”, and co-ordinated by me acting as Project Manager and Editor of the book).

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