Susan Boonman-Berson holds a PhD in animal geography - a multi-disciplinary field of human-animal studies - , with a specialization on human-wildlife conflict management. As a professional speaker, moderator and independent researcher she advocates for coexistence with wildlife by promoting a dynamic approach to wildlife management, a focus on human-wildlife interactions and an acknowledgement of wild animals as minded beings. It is her mission to reveal the variety of human-wildlife cohabitation strategies around the globe in which wild animals are seen as co-participants. An important way to promote alternative ways of managing human-wildlife conflicts is to collect and distribute cohabitation stories. That is exactly what ENCOSH is about. Additionally she is writing a book portraying stories of human-wildlife interactions.
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human-wildlife coexistence, stories about human-wildlife interactions, and human-wildlife conflicts
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I believe living WITH wild animals is possible.There are many ways and still more are popping up all around the globe. Humans and wild animals should join forces to make this happen. As an international speaker and independent researcher I see it as my mission to tell cohabitation stories.
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Over 10 years I have been working on the theme of human-wildlife interactions. In September 2018 I received my PhD on this topic: Rethinking wildlife management; Living With Wild Animals.

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Currently I am writing a book that contains all kind of human-wildlife stories. The stories vary from amazing encounters with wildlife, conflicts, as well as the stories of the animals themselves.

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human-wildlife relations / human dimensions of wildlife management

Boonman-Berson, S., Driessen, C., Turnhout, E. (2019) Managing wild minds: From control by numbers to a multinatural approach in wild boar management at the Veluwe the Netherlands. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 44, pp. 2–15

Boonman-Berson, S. (2018) Rethinking Wildlife Management: Living With Wild Animals. PhD-Thesis.

Boonman-Berson, S., E. Turnhout, and M. Carolan (2016) Common Sensing: Human-black bear cohabitation practices in Colorado. Geoforum, 74, pp. 192-201

Boonman-Berson, S. (2016) Blurred boundaries in wildlife management practices. In: Bovenkerk, B. and Keulartz, J. (Eds). Animal Ethics in the Age of Humans: Blurring boundaries in human-animal relationships: Springer.

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(Inter)national Human-Wildlife Expert: Speaker, Moderator and Independent researcher